Fellow Citizens I bring you heartfelt felicitations and universal greetings of "Assalam Alaikum to our Muslim brothers and sisters, and the entire good people of Nasarawa State.

This is a period of Eid-Il-Kabir, the last month of the Islamic calendar, Zhul Hijjah where we celebrate Eid-Il-Kabir which in most cases is being considered the bigger side of the Eid.

So, I wish at this moment to congratulate our people here in Nasarawa State for witnessing yet another period of the Eid. And first and foremost we wish to thank the Almighty Allah for giving us the good health and the peace to be alive to at this period of merriment and renewal of family ties.

There is no better time than now to call on the good people of Nasarawa state to stand together for unity and peaceful coexistence. Indeed God Almighty has blessed us with so many resources, Allah has blessed us with so much kindness and He has blessed us with an auspicious period such as this, when we can all come together to live in peace with one another. So I call on my fellow citizens of Nasarawa state to continue to remain calm and live in peace with one another because from all indications, progress is coming to Nasarawa state! Blessings are coming to this state! Unity is coming to this state and if we continue irrespective of our ethnic diversity, religious differences, if we continue to respect one another and live in peace with one another then we will see alot of progress and development.

On behalf of the Government of Nasarawa state, I wish every citizen of Nasarawa state a very very peaceful Eid-Il-Kabir and a very peaceful period of sober reflection. I sincerely hope that we the muslims will learn from the teachings of this period.

This is the period of sacrifice to Almighty Allah and the period of sacrifice to one another, a period of sacrifice to our families and a period of sacrifice to our neighbours so I wish all a blessed and Happy Eid-Il-Kabir.

His Excellency, ENGINEER ABDULLAHI A. SULE"-Goverrnor of Nasarawa State

Thank you very much.