Gov. Almakura Lauds Nasarawa State Resilience and Brotherliness as he Presents N300 Million Relief Material,

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has appreciated all citizens of Nasarawa State for their resilience in ensuring that we have a united Nasarawa state , where we are our brothers keeper.

Gov. Almakura made this known as he deliver his speech during the distribution of another round of relief material to communities that had be affected by clashes, stating that since the government came in 2011 they have had to contain with one challenge or another, communal crisis , natural disasters ,and human factor that has led to displacement and hardship of some residents of the state .

The Governor commended the people of Nasarawa State that despite the communal clashes, and natural disaster no single community is in IDP an camp due to the brotherliness , resilience and honour of the average Nasarawa state citizen. Which shows the brother’s keeper mentality that the average Nasarawa resident has that lets them provide for their neighbor when he is in need, a unique attribute that should be emulated by all. He further stated that this has facilitated speed in the rehabilitation efforts.

He said the problems which have been boundary issues , between Nasarawa State and its neighbors that have been there since before 2011, or farmer versus herder clashes due to the scarce resources.
The Governor hailed the success of the governments in house conflict resolution method that is embedded in each community, bringing them and only them to the forefront to settle their problems , where with the traditional rulers, security and the communities keying in to the method which has brought lasting peace to the state.

Gov. Almakura further thanked the security outfits and the people of the state for their assistance and dedication towards being upholding the law, being law abiding and ensuring peace within their communities .

The Nasarawa State Government was targeting providing shelter to the residents and alleviating the suffering that may arise due to the inability to resettle and farm by providing 5000 bundles , 50 trailers of cement , (30000 bags), 500 cartons of roofing nails , 3000 bags of rice , 2000 bags of maize , 3000 cartons of maggi as well as the provision of thirty five Million Naira (N35,000,000.00) to the communities.

Presenting the Vote of thanks the Hon. Commissioner of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs Haruna Osegba lauded the Governor for the people loving efforts the he has been doing for the past week.

The Commissioner quoted section 12 2b of the Nigerian Constitution which states that “the primary function of Government shall be the provision of security and welfare of the people.” Which he said justified why they we there today. The Commissioner commended the Governor for always finding time and the will to remember the people that were displaced or affected by the incidents around them.

He also commended the security chiefs who were there in person and had directed their men to escort the relief material to the benefiting communities.

The Chairman Of the Traditional Council of Chiefs represented by the Andoma of Doma Commended the government for their efforts at peacemaking and efforts in providing needed items to people with relief items taht would go a long way in assisting them. The Royal Father advised those that would transport the items to fear God and ensure that the materials should get to the intended people , warning that people should not divert what is not meant for them.