Presidentís Wife Supports Women and People Living with Disability with Food Stuff.

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has lauded the humanitarian effort by the Wife of the President Mrs. Aisha Buhari , who has put the people first through her provision of food stuff to the Nigerian women once again.

Gov. Almakura who took charge of the programme which delivered Millions of Naira worth of food items such as wheat flour, Semolina, Indome, Spaghetti and macaroni to the women and people living with disability that may not have enough to eat at the Lafia Square .

He made it known that they had decided to compliment what was by given by Mrs. Buhari by adding some bags of rice and provision of small money to assist the preparation of the items.

He said she urged him to distribute their items publicly so that they may have what to eat this season, hoping that this would have the same benefits as the 3 day outreach programme which thousands of people in the state benefited from.

He praised that administration of President Muhammadu Buhari for the kind of exemplary leadership they have already shown and the love and care they have shown to the nation and Nasarawa State. Assuring them that this was an administration that they willingly gave their mandates to, a government that has the feeling for the people most especially the women and other venerable groups.

Lastly, he made a case for those that were not working yet relied on the government for the social services they provide such as the repair of bridges, roads and culverts, provision of drugs in public hospitals and other much needed services the government was expected to bare.

He called on the people of the state to continue to support and show faith in the administration and its policies as it was working towards ensuring that the revenue would be improved through all sectors , giving assurance that the state government was working on how to ensure that the workers continue to get paid regularly as was done when they came into office