Photos from the celebration of the 35th coronation anniversary of arenEggon, Dr Bala Angbazo.

The event which was a celebration of the 35 years leadership of the paramount Chief of the Eggon nation in whose time water , light roads and other progressive life changing development was brought to Nasarawa Eggon, he was showered with praise for his encouraging the people to take education and agriculture seriously which had enabled them to prosper.

The event was characterized with speeches and prayers by inter faith-clergy for the good health , prosperity, peace and guidance for the arenEggon and leaders at the state and national levels
Some Eggon sons and Daughters we presented with tradition titles which included Deputy Speaker NSHA, Hon. Godiya Akwashiki presented with the Matawllen Eggon Dr. Janet Angbazo was presented with Jakadia Eggon.

Others prominent personalities included Sen. Abdullahi Adamu, Sen. Jerimiah Usaini , Sen. Joshua Daryie , Hon . Abubakar Sarki Dahiru, Rt. Hon Speaker NSHA, the Members of the Nasarawa State Executive council, Members of the Traditional Council and Sole Administrators. Aswell as many sons of the soil such Sen. Solomon Ewuga , Hon. Joseph Kigbu and a host of others.

it was truly a celebration

Eggon kyekyen.