Gov. Almakura Congratulates Aren Eggon for 35 years on the Throne.

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura commended the Aren Eggon for his contributions toward the sustenance of peace in the state and urged the people to support the government and the traditional rulers in the effort, regardless of religious and political affiliations.

Gov. Almakura made this known while presenting his speech during the 35th Anniversary Celebration of HRH Dr. Bala Ebene Anbagzo called on all the tribes in Nasarawa state to use the day to start afresh with a clean slate and come back to each other as they were before issues and clashes in the state.

He was there to work with them all as the leader of Nasarawa State to work with them all and all other nationalities in the state to ensure that peace and stability reigns in Nasarawa state. said this is a day to celebrate and pray for the Aren eggon who has gone through alot but was there for every body and there to make peace

He appealed to the elites especially of the Eggon nation who are on the forefrunt in adding value to this state, stating that in every venture that is taking the state forward you find some Eggon sons in the forefront, he tasked them to try to harmonize , take the leadership.

He said the Eggon nation is expected to be the SPV (special purpose vehicle) that would bring religious harmony and peace to the state stating that in each Eggon house hold there was a 50% of all religions.

“Community after Community have challenges in the course of their lives ours is not an exception, but once it has come and gone , lets come back to where we were, where our forefathers have put us.”

He made it known that the time to consolidate is now , more so now that we have a government in place that will want to correct all the evils that have be deviled this country a government that has come to salvage this country a government that wants to fight corruption , that wants to create peace and stability and a government that has the poor people at heart, he called for more support for the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

He call the Eggon to use their versatility to take the state to greater heights by working with the government in the center stating that Nasarawa state has the capacity to excel and take advantage to of the initiatives for infrastructure development he said the government had been working on bringing the 330 KVA line to the state and it was surely coming very soon. He said the airport project had been scaled down to a small airstrip due to limited funding which would the beginning for an international cargo airport which the state would reap the benefits by not being a landlocked state.

Finally he thanked all that had come to celebrate , he prayed that the Aren Eggon be given good health , and the strength to lead his people, calling on the people to be law abiding and listen to the words of the traditional rulers, he urged all to be our brother’s keeper reminding all that they had a role to play in taking Nasarawa to the next level.