"Remain your brother's keeper" – Gov. Almakura as he Visits IDP Camps

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has called on the people of Nasarawa State especially those communities that were home to internally displaced persons to continue be their brothers keepers , tasking them to continue to show hospitality to the 25000 persons who had sort refuge in their communities.

Gov. Almakura made the call as he visited internally displaced persons in Keana, Obi , Awe and Tunga in company of the security chiefs, government officials and community leaders. Where he commended the Interim Management Committee Chairmen , Traditional Ruler and the communities themselves for welcoming their brothers of Tiv nationality from within and outside Nasarawa state to their homes.

the Governor emphasized that there was no fight between Nasarawa and Benue State as they both had Tiv nationalities , stating it was an unfortunate spill over of some issues around the border towns that had caused unrest , calling on them all to always remain brothers and sisters

Speaking to the IDPs he bought to them greetings, sympathy and the commitment of the government of Nasarawa State, assuring them that the government would give them all the necessary protection all the necessary support as regards their welfare. He assured them that the Government would provide three basic services to them. First they would ensure that all IDP camps had security, stating that of the 5 battalions of mobile police to be sent to the state each idp camp would receive a sizeable number to secure it and put the people’s fears to rest.

Secondly, he assured them the government commitment towards providing them with quality health care services within the camps stating that the mobile hospitals had been deployed to some of the camps and others would have constructed medical stations to ensure they are healthily and doing well.

Thirdly . the Governor said they would be assured of regular supply of provisions which would consist of items for feeding and household items for every use.

The assured them these three things and would also continue to fast track the return of peace to their places so that they may be able to return back without further delay. Stating that what is most important is them to back know their lives and properties are secure and safe.

Stating that the government of Nasarawa State would as much as It could within their areas of administration, starting with posting one unit of policemen to be station at the Nasarawa Benue border .

Lastly the governor appealed to them to always restrain themselves and resist making inflammatory statements especially on the social media stating that there were people who do not wish us well for peaceful coexistence and would use unfortunate situation like this to fan embers of disunity , mistrust. He called on all to resist making any comments that will not be in the interest as one people with one destiny. Advising all not let themselves be stampeded into taking certain action .

He assured that every IDP in Nasarawa state would be taken care of as if he or she is a citizen of Nasarawa State, praying that the situation should return to normal soon.

Speaking at the various IDP camps the Interim Chairmen of Keana , Obi and Awe Local Government Councils thanked the government for the timely support given to receive and care for the visitors, and the efforts underway towards ensuring peace returns to the Nasarawa Benue Border towns .

In response some IDPs spoke appreciating the efforts and hospitality of the Nasarawa State Government toward provision of health services and relief materials.