Chinese Investor Set to Open Large Scale Vehicle Service /Logistics Center in Nasarawa State

As one of the fallouts from Governor Almakura s recent trip to China one of the organizers of the recent Nigerian- China Governors Investment Forum The Chairman of CIG Motors, distributors of GAC Motor cars in Nigeria, Chief Diana Chan has lauded the Nasarawa State Government for its pro-activity and developmental potentials, stressing that she was ready to work with the state government to bring even more investors in to the state.

With one of the largest car assembly plants in Beijing GAC Motors was currently working on setting up a big logistics center within Nasarawa State that will service the North Central especially the Federal Capital.

Chief Diana who attended the recent disbursement of relief material was in the state to promote her products which included GAC vehicles manufactured by her company and due to their durability and cost were among the top cars used in China.

This being her second time in the state Chief Diana stated that she was very comfortable with Nasarawa State and would work with the state Government to development the mineral resources of the state especially the coal, and the tourism potential of Nasarawa State .

Following the interview, the press were given the chance to inspect the GAC vehicles which would soon be available to the Nigerian market with a center in Nasarawa State.