Minister of Youths and Sports visits Nasarawa Stadium

I have lived in Nasarawa state for 15 years and I know Nasarawa state very very well, so I am in good position to assess his excellency's performance. Candidly, you have done well and we will expect you to do more considering your strength of ability to bring result on the table and to stately clearly is that if you have failed I will not hesitate to tell you as much as your successes because you are not just a friend to me but a brother. Your exemplary character in uniting people across all tribes and religion in Nasarawa state is commendable and is well appreciated. Being a first political son of Mr President who was elected as Governor under CPC you are a symbol to look up and that burden of confidence in you is heavy but I am happy you made us proud. Invest in sports your Excellency, because sports men and women across the world are the highest paid more so that that is one sector that can accommodate unprecedented number of our youths, they have the energy so let give them the platform. Your sports facilities as inspected this morning are great, you simply more in upgrading them to state of art architecture to attract our international athletes for sporting activities. Well done and God bless your efforts.