Dangote Visits Nasarawa State, to Invest $750,000,000 in Sugar in Nasarawa State

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has assured the Chairman and management of Dangote Group of the support, participation and security of the Government and people of Nasarawa State towards ensuring the success of the planned investment of the Dangote group in Nasarawa State.

Gov. Almakura made this known as he received the Chairman of the Dangote Group Alh. Aliko Dangote who led a high profile team to present a slide presentation on the Nasarawa Proposed Sugar investment planned by the company in Tunga , Awe Local Government of Nasarawa State.

Appreciating the prospects of the company coming in to the state, he disclosed that the speed in which administration wanted to develop the state would be greatly accelerated with the coming of the company to the state, Nasarawa state could be one of the largest producers of sugar in the world not just West Africa.

He congratulated the most accomplished man in Nigeria for the speed in which the project was being worked out, stating that the state government has put its resources toward the construction of the 25 km road in Awe that was ongoing and would asphalt laid there before the end of the year. He also stated that the State Government was working on how to use the waterways as a means of transporting items around the riverine areas of the state.

Speaking passionately Gov. Almakura disclosed that the benefits and complementary support that the projects will bring to the state and the people would fast track development in many more sectors , benefiting the state and its people in many ways.

Lastly, he gave his assurance toward the speedy processing of all land document to ensure the land acquisition of the project land and titles would not delay the takeoff of this all important project, also assuring that the state government would ensure adequate security is placed within the area.

Speaking earlier the Chairman of the Dangote Group , Alh. Aliko Dangote disclosed that the company hoped to produce about 432,000 tons of sugar from the state which would be 27% of the all the sugar consumed in the country.
Alh. Dangote made it known that there was more to be made that just sugar stating that the husks from the sugar would be use to generate power which would provide steady light of about 96 MW to 4 to 5 major cities within the state which could enable industrialization.

He further made it known that there was still animal feed and ethanol that would be derived in large quantities from the sugar plants that would itself a source of revenue as well as Improve the livelihood of the local communities and generate more income for farmers and revenue to the state.

On the employment capacities it made it known that the company would operate an outgrower scheme that would provide farmers all that was needed to grow the sugar stating they would only have be put in their sweat and they would buy all the sugar cane grown. Assuring that at least 30,000 jobs would be made available to the skilled and unskilled.

Lastly , Alh. Dangote made it known that Residential township, agricultural management areas, and basic services in terms of schools, health facilities, clean water supply, worship places, etc. will be provided, which will benefit the for locals and people nearby.

Stating that as soon as the land is provided they would start working on the social development aspects by inspecting and upgrading all the schools, hospitals and water projects within the area even before setting up proposed sites.