Almakura Receives Commendations for Commitment to Security.

Governor Dave Umahi of Ebonyi State leader of a delegation of the National Economic Councilís sub-committee on a fact-finding visit to Nasarawa State has lauded the commitment and efforts of Nasarawa State Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura has placed on security and peace of the nation,

Gov. Umahi speaking to the press following discussions with his Nasarawa counterpart described the Nasarawa Governor as a man of great wisdom and a true leader who is honest and seeking the peace of the nation, He commended Gov. Almakura's actions at handling the current issues stating that he would be one of the sources towards a peaceful resolution of this unfortunate incident .

Explaining that their mandate was look at the crisis between farmers and herders and find ways of resolving them , by visiting the affected areas and finding ways to resolve the problems he made it clear that they would hear from stakeholders, farmers, herdsmen, security even the governors on how to bring peace to their various regions .

He commended Gov. Almakura very highly for his commitment towards security and safeguarding lives and property stating that he had given them some very useful tips on how to resolve the problems.

Lastly, he stating that Gov. Almakura was the kind of leader needed in such trying times, commending Nasarawa state for its efforts in camping 25, 0000 persons within the 12 IDP camps.

Also Speaking Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura said they were are lucky to have someone with the pedigree of Eboyi State Governor heading our zone who would find the ways and means to find a solution .

Gov. Almakura commended NEC under the leadership of the Vice President , stating that they done us proud by getting committed , and it is up to us leaders to find ways to bring about peace in the nation .

Gov. Almakura stating that there was no farmer herder problem within the Nasarawa state as the state had its community based conflict resolution mechanism which had been in use for over 4 years to regulate activities between farmers and herders and had recorded success by keeping Nasarawa peaceful.

The visit was due to the directive of a 10-man working group set up by the National Economic Council headed by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, to look into the crisis which has led to the deaths of dozens since the beginning of the year.
The sub-committee, which comprises of five governors, was directed to hold consultations with stakeholders and interested parties in the affected states on how to end the conflicts.