Nasarawa State Government Subsidizes Fertilizer by 50%, assures Farmers of Government Support

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has called on the citizens of Nasarawa State especially the farmers to take to special interest in the agricultural activities, which has unmeasurable fortunes waiting to be harnessed in the sector, assuring them of the state government’s support.

Gov. Almakura made this known speaking at the Flag off of the 2016 Fertilizer Distribution at the Central School Shabu where the State Government unveiled its first batch of fertilizer for the year 2016.

He said that the state blessed with fertile land and human resources especially the youth had the comparative advantage to produce agricultural produce that would be enough for local consumption and export. He said that the government knowing the benefits of Agriculture have never left any stone unturned to ensure that government create an enabling environment for farmers thrive.

He made it known that the government had so far procured 1500 metric tons of assorted fertilizers for the farmers in the state where each bag would be sold at a subsidized price of 50% which is N3,500 per bag which will be distributed directly to the farmers , he empathized that the stat would not partake in any ‘wallet scheme’ but sell directly to the end users on open ground ,where farmer come pay and collect instantly , and there would be no special allocation for special people and no middle men.

He made it known that the state would key into the federal government anchor borrower scheme which is aimed at identifying viable and promising farmers that will access the CBN soft loan to boost the production of rice and sesame crops, and Intune government would purchase these crops thereby creating a market for them, will lessen the pains of repayment of the loans. He tasked the farmers to get themselves together to access the loan.

The governor also made it known that the government was working hard towards taking over and reactivating the lower basin river basin development dam in Doma LGA which would be used for out growers scheme as it done in the past so the farmers across the state , likewise the large span of land in Tunga which will be used for the same type of out grower project.

He made it known that the state government was setting up a food processing zone, where the food producers and processors of the state would be encouraged to make use of as government had put in place all the need facilities such a water light and ensure proper disposal in waste and any other things that would make the zone conducive for the food producers.

He made it known that each LGA would produce demonstration farms outside it boundaries that would show the crops that grow within the LGA , so as to make know and popular the crops grown in each LGA.

Lastly, he said the government would not relent in its efforts towards providing services to the people of Nasarawa state, and ensure they keep doing what is expected of a government to enable the people thrive and excel.

Gov. Almakura then sold and issued receipts for some bags of fertilizer purchased by some persons on the Launch grounds.