Gov. Almakura Hosts Joint Leadership of Persons Living With Disabilities, Inspects Comprehensive Disabled School.

Nasarawa State Government has reaffirmed its commitment to the plight of people leaving with disabilities, tasks National Joint Association of People Living With Disabilities on ensuring the Comprehensive Special School meets the needs of the People for whom it was built.

Gov. Almakura made this known as he hosted members of the Joint National Association of People Living with Disabilities led by the National President Mrs. Ekaite Judith Omoh where he assured that the APC led administration is not relenting towards ensuring the national disabilities law comes into effect, thus noting of its domestication by Nasarawa state government.

Being an individual who has been leaving with disabilities for decades, Gov. Almakura reechoed the need for government at all levels as well as the private sector to see the need for an inclusive society where people with disabilities will have a sense of belonging. Speaking of some other efforts he had started he spoke on how the Nasarawa State government provides employment to all disabled that have finished secondary school, he stated that within his office he had two persons living with disability working directly under him, lastly he spoke on how he had nominated a blind person to be the IMC Councilor for his Ward and the person was successfully sworn in.

The Governor made it known that the State Government was building three (3) Schools for the Disabled one in each senatorial zone with the premier one in Lafia, explaining that they were invited to brainstorm provide advice on how to setoff and take of the school to ensure it was functional and would meet the needs of people living with disability. He said they would provide practical advice based on experiences of what is needed for the blind, deaf, physically challenged and even those that are phyco-social with a view of reducing the burden on parents of such children. He made it clear there would be no fees and requirements to be brought and the school would welcome all from around the Nation being one of a kind that would provide for them from nursery to the end of the senior secondary school education.

Appreciating the Governor providing an enabling environment for people with disabilities, the President, Joint national association of people leaving with disabilities, Mrs. Ekaite Judith Omoh disabused the minds of the public on the ability and literacy level of people leaving with disabilities. While the visit provided an opportunity for the group to distinguish themselves based on theirs of specialization, the visit featured a facility tour of the comprehensive special in Lafia which is billed to be inaugurated by President, Muhammadu Buhari before the end of the year.

The facilities at the Comprehensive Special School for the Disabled Lafia were inspected and tested by all the physically challenged persons present with light observations on how it could be more user friendly to some disabled group.