Gov. Almakura Directs the Integration of Nigerian Newsday Staff into Mainstream Civil Service.

Gov. Almakura Directs the Integration of Nigerian Newsday Staff into Mainstream Civil Service.

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has directed that the Staff of the Nigerian Newsday Newspaper be absorbed into the mainstream Civil Service of the Nasarawa state Government , bringing an end to the lingering question of the what becomes the fate of the staff following the closure of the state owned newspaper.

Governor Almakura disclosed this as he met with the Newsday staff in company of the Head of Service , Secretary to the State Government , Commissioner of Information and Permanent Secretary Office of the Head of Service.

Governor Almakura explained that the decision to close most Government owned companies came as a result of the the low income of the government that the high cost of liability the companies weighing on the Government citing the Nasarawa investment Property Development Company and the Nasarawa Transport Company ( On the Move) as peculiar cases which benefits accrued to the state left a lot to be desired .

The Governor stated that in the case of Newsday having seen the status and contribution made when Newsday was running , and giving the pedigree and competence the staff had the decision was taken to integrate them into mainstream Civil Service . Gov. Almakura stated that when the final memo was brought to him, he stated that he had to meet with staff to discuss and interface with them .

He explained that to ensure they would not be redundant and stagger their progression, he would further direct that they all be regarded based on their resume and capacity to be posted in line with their callings. Stating that following their meeting the Head of Service , Chairman Civil Service Commission would meet with the Commissioner of Information to look at the C.V.s of all the Staff to suggest where they would be most productive .

The Governor appreciated the staff for their effort and hard work in protecting the image of the state through their medium assuring them that the government would continue to support them as vibrant civil servants.

Lastly , Governor Almakura welcomed them all into the mainstream Civil Service , urging them that wherever they find themselves they should try to put in the maximum effort they can to make the state proud .

Delivering the vote of thanks on behalf of the very ecstatic staff the Sole Administrator of Nigerian Newsday Mallam Rabiu Abdullahi expressed the gratitude of the staff to Gov. Almakura for not leaving them in limbo. Stating that all they could do was to pray for him for protection and guidance as he moves to the Red Chamber where he would bring his wealth of experience to serve the Nation, especially in the compassionate approach brought to governance for the past 8 years in Nasarawa State .

He appreciated all the Government officials that brought the Newsday saga to a very pleasant end asking God to bless them all for their support and efforts , finally asking God to guide Nasarawa State to the Next Level.