His Excellency Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura has reiterated that his outgoing cabinet in Nasarawa State has a sacred duty to protect and insulate the new incoming administration of Governor-Elect Engineer A.A. Sule from the burden of last minute expenditure.

Governor Tanko Al-makura stated that all through his 8 years of stewardship, he has remained steadfast to his conviction that: “those of us who are entrusted with power and public funds will be required to spend prudently, and be held to account”, which is why Nasarawa State under his leadership, has avoided being indebted to any financial institution; diversified its sources of revenue and paid for counterpart funding from internally generated funds; instead of obtaining frivolous loans that will eventually eat into the fiscal wellbeing of Nasarawa State.

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Al-makura said his new style of TOTAL TRANSITION OF POWER which involves on site inspection of completed and ongoing projects and his insistence on unfettered access which is being granted to the incoming administration of Engineer A.A. Sule; is to ensure and assure the citizens of Nasarawa State of sustainability and continuity of the remarkable strides already achieved under his stewardship in the last 8 years.

In sync with the dictates of his bold and undiluted concept of TOTAL TRANSITION, Governor Al-makura held a special meeting of the State Executive Council where he reminded his cabinet members of outgoing commissioners that he was grateful for the patriotism which they have exhibited in their assignments and in particular, Al-makura commended the commissioners for their strict adherence to a high sense of probity and financial discipline which has always been his personal signature and calling card as a political leader.

Governor Umaru Tanko Al-makura said his administration has not only championed financial prudence and accountability in Nasarawa State; but it has instituted corrective reorientation which has discouraged the previous bureaucratic mentality of “ocean never dry’, while encouraging public office holders to shun corruption. This he believes will create a perfect springboard for the new administration to hit the ground running without any encumbrances of loans, unaccounted projects or suspicious last minute expenditure.