Governor Almakura Hopeful that Lafia-Keffi new road would be opened March 2019.

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has expressed optimism that the Lafia Keffi new road embarked by the administration would be complete on schedule, expressing confidence that the contractors were very capable of delivering the project.

Speaking to the press during an inspection of the road Governor Almakura described the project as one of the most challenging projects his administration has ever embarked on, not because of the length which is only 65 kilometres, but due the terrain which has rocks, gullies and streams. He stated that there are over 30 large culverts to be constructed as well as 5 bridges.

Explaining the challenges of the legacy road which would involve construction of 5 bridges one about 90 meters, 120 meters and another of 150 meters. He expressed confidence that the state had the right contractors that could handle such a job, lauding the pace and progress of Triacta Nigeria Limited, who had been on the site for about a year. Governor Almakura expressed optimism that with the tempo and quantity of equipment deployed to ensure the work is done and should be completed by March next year.

Speaking on the socio economic impact the road would bring, the Governor stated that there were huge advantages judging by the colossal amount involved in the work, he described the area as a virgin area free from any construction and by breaking the monotony it would open up other parts of the state to development.

He noted that with the work the people of the area would have access to other places as well as to improve the security situation should there be any challenges; security operatives would be able to access any area. This would provide access for the people of the area who were committed farmers in what could be described as the food basket of the state , enabling them to easily move farm products to all the places that needed them ,

Still speaking on the many advantages of the road he stated that it would be very handy for those that would use the Lafia Cargo Airport, as it would be easier for someone living in Nyaya or Karu to get to the Lafia Airport faster than the same person getting to the Abuja Airport.

He emphasized the reduction in the time to get to Abuja , restating that the road was only 65 km and that would shave a lot of time off for the trip from Lafia to Keffi in only 50 minutes.

Lastly, Governor Almakura expressed confidence that once the road is completed and put into use the road would be one of the most important legacies his administration would leave for the people of the state and the nation.

Also Speaking, the Representative of the Contractor (Triacta ) Mr. George assured the people of the state of their commitment towards completion of the project to a stage the people could move from Lafia to Garaku in less than 40 minutes.

Further stating that they would try to open some of the bridges before the raining season sets in to prevent any loss of life from crossing the rivers in the area.