His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura Gives Assurance on the Continuity of the Special School as he Celebrates His 66th Birthday.

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has given assurance to all the citizens of Nasarawa state and Nigeria that the school would not die or fade away when he leaves office , he disclose that provisions and plans had been made to sustain and keep the school going able to stand on its own after he leaves office May 29th , 2019.

Governor Almakura disclosed this at the Special School Lafia where he celebrated his 66th birthday with the students participating in games and presenting them with walking aids , before cutting his cake and dinning with them to mark his special day, and creating special memories for the disabled students.

Governor Almakura described this birthday as a very special one as it was his last birthday in office as Governor and as a landmark he had decided to make it memorable by spending it with the caliber of people he was advocating for , who he was very comfortable with , who are the people he would want to make an impression in their lives and raise their hope and brighten their future. Stating that he decided there would not be any merrymaking or celebration other than the one he would celebrate with students.

He decided to celebrate with his first constituency to make them know that a day shall come that one of them could be occupying this position or even higher, to inspire them and give them hope that this school they are attending in not only about education but about life itself where they would get the ability to live a total life .

The Governor described the school as a one stop destination within the state that would cater for the education of those with disability, where all kinds of disability ranging from the visually impaired, hearing impaired, physically challenged to the those with mental / learning disabilities .

He explained that from time to time they were getting visitation by specialist doctors who come and visit the school to review the students cases , he disclosed that just last week they were told that 5 student thought to be totally blind , had a percentage of vision that could be corrected through treatment , He stated that the school would pursue the possibility of giving sight to such students and their potentials for recovery .

He explained that the school provides glasses, hearing aids, mobility aids and medication the students may need to enable them cope with everyday life .

He assured all the persons living with disability in Nasarawa state and Nigeria to have hope that the school would be a one stop school for total education and total life enhancement stating that he decide to emphasize on this this birthday .