Gov. Almakura Receives Reports on Tertiary Institutions, Vows to Ensure Justice is Done

His Excellency Umaru Tanko has appreciated and commended the members of the fact-finding and investigative committees on the activities of the three (3)state owned tertiary institutions in Nasarawa state for a successful completion of the assignment and performing a great service to Nasarawa State.

Governor Almakura gave the commendation during the submission of the Panel reports by the committees constituted by the state Government November 2017 to look into activities of three (3) state owned tertiary institutions namely College of Education Akwanga, College of Agriculture Lafia and the Nasarawa state Polytechnic Lafia at the Government House Lafia.

Gov. Almakura made it known that having listened to the reports, on behalf of himself , the government and people of Nasarawa State , especially the parents and students of the tertiary institutions thanked them most immensely for making themselves available to perform this service to the state. The result of which would be a watershed to the educational sector.

He made it known that never before had the state had such a robust, versatile committee look into the affairs of the tertiary institutions. He commended the template used to carry out the exercise deploying their experience , sense of objectivity and global best practices in regard to investigations, describing them as not only reliable but highly dependable.

The Governor made it in known that with the interim highlights and what he had seen before constituting the committees as well as the disposition and attitude of the people that were supposed to be role models the administrators , the lecturers etc the people that were to drive the standards.

He stated that the Government would careful study the report with a view to do the needful , assuring that no stone would be left unturned in ensuring that justice is done, and all the violations , all the sabotage and damage to the state economy would not be left unchecked.

Assuring government would soon act and were there are recommendation of sabotage to the system government would take the appropriate measures , he advised all that were involved to start making ways to refund what was owed to the state.

Lastly , Governor Almakura made it known that they would continue to have faith and commitment towards the higher institutions , because these were the apex of the educational endeavours, as those for there would be our leaders tomorrow , stating the government would continue to support after reconstituting the tertiary institutions to ensure national standards are met.

The submission of the Reports by the Chairmen of the Committees was characterized with the presentation of two (2) volumes submitted to the Governor , with the highlight of the event being the submission of the report on the Nasarawa state Polytechnic Lafia by its Chairperson Haj. Fati J. Sabo who opened a can of worms by stating that they (the Committee) were dismayed by the incompetence and lack of professionalism by both the Governing Council and the Management in handling the affairs of the Polytechnic .

Haj. Fati Sabo further stated that they also observed the absence of direction during critical periods that decisive action was required, deliberate refusal to maintain vital accounting books and a clear lack of transparency.

She stated some of the recommendations that were made in the report which included amending the Polytechnic Law 2001 to properly define the roles of stakeholders of the institution, and the refunds that should be made to the state government.

Commending the Government for setting up the committee stating that the findings and recommendations of the report would go a long way towards assisting the government towards taking informed decisions that would led to providing quality education to generations yet unborn.