The Elevation of HRH Uehra-She

His Excellency Umaru Tanko Almakura has affirmed his Administration’s commitment to protect the sanctity of the Traditional Institution, aimed at extolling their roles as the conscience of the society.

Gov. Almakura made this known during the installation and presentation of a second staff of office to Uehra-she of Kube, HRH Christopher Jatau, who was upgrade to 2nd class status

The Governor said that Government has made the traditional institution a reservoir of wisdom which this administration is obliged to tap from. This is more so that the traditional rulers are the closest to the people at the grassroots.

Gov. Almakura stated that the administration evolved initiatives that will elevate the status of the traditional stools, as well as provide avenues for enhanced welfare for our royal fathers. In this regard, we have, since assumption of office, created more chiefdoms with a view to giving every community a sense of belonging. Which he said would go a long way in opening windows for communal participation in the act of governance and enable the people at the grassroots feel the pulse of Government and vice versa.

“It is my belief, therefore, that their involvement in implementing policies and programmes of Government, especially as it pertains to the sustenance of peace and harmony in the society, will go a long way in producing citizens that are responsive and economically productive. “

Go Administration considered the imperative of upgrading the status of the stool of Traditional Rulers based on their performance and contributions to peaceful co-existence in their domains. This consideration informed the upgrading of the stool of the Uehra-Ashea from 3rd class status to the 2nd class grade.

Reaffirming the commitment of the APC led administration in Nasarawa state to connect local communities through the construction of roads, Governor Umaru Tanko Almakura said work on panda-Gitata road will soon resume, as the contract for Gitata Panda road has been revoked and the work would be awarded to a more competent contractor.

According to the Governor the contract was revoked from the former contractor as a result of his inability to complete the work after being paid over three billion Naira. The Governor disclosed that the road from Panda to Kube will also be constructed owing to the economic potentials that are abound in the area.