Why I returned my DTA after Kigali trip- His Excellency Engineer A. A Sule

At a time when the led are getting disillusioned with the quality of leadership in the country, one man stands tall in his continous efforts to deliver exceptional leadership that is hinged on the principles of probity, accountability, transparency and the fear of God.

His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, has continued to demonstrate impeccable character and sterling leadership, albeit in a circumstance so full of misconception and doubt about the quality of leadership.

This is not the first time he is showing that he is indeed different and that he came to serve the people by ensuring that the right things are done.

After accompanying former president Muhammdu Buhari to the 74th United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), Engineer Sule who returned to the state after spending five days in the Ujited States, returned his DTA for three days, becaise the UNGA event lasted for only two days. The remaining three days, the Govrrnor spent on his private business. Engineer Sule will not take money belonging to Nasarawa State to run his private business, so he returned the money to the coffers of government.

Now, Engineer Sule has done it again!

He has just returned from a trip to Rwanda, where he attended a leadership workshop sponsored by United Nation’s Development Programme (UNDP). On returning to the state, Engineer Sule, being the God fearing leader that he is, returned one hundred percent of his Duty Travel Allowance, because the UNDP paid for all his expenses.

Engineer Sule, who appeared as a guest on NTA Good Morning Nigeria, on Tuesday, said he returned the money because he had no need for the money. “There has been a lot of commentaries recently on the Kigali trip. The Kigali event was actually a United Nation’s development UNDP event. It was not Nigerian Governors Forum event. But the UNDP couldn’t have done it without consultations with the NGF. And was purely for the first time Governors to come and learn about leadership.

“The UNDP decided they will take it to a country where at least there is some semblance of leadership working. And that is Rwanda and nobody could argue with that. Secondly, there has been lots of comments on the social media on stipends.

“Take me for instance, in Nasarawa State. When I was going I received some Duty Travel Allowance (DTA) for hotel accommodation and others. When I got to Rwanda, I realized the UNDP has paid everything one hundred percent. When I returned home, I returned all the money to the coffers of the state government. We didn’t spend anything because the UNDP decided to take care of our stay in Kigali ” he stated. While detractors and political jobbers will continue to doubt, we that are his supporters, admirers and who work for His Excellency, Engineer Abdullahi Sule, will always appreciate him for standing out by making a difference.




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