Works, Housing & Transport

                                                                                                   MINISTRY OF WORKS


  1. The Ministry of works and Transport was created during the colonial era. It was then known as Public Works Department (PWD). The Ministry has since that time undergone several nomenclatural changes from Public Works Department to Ministry of Works, Land and Survey; Ministry of Work, Housing and Transport and now Ministry of Works and Transport , but its functions basically remain the same i.e. provision of social services such as roads, buildings etc.


  1. Ministry of Works and Transport being service oriented is charged with the following responsibilities:
  • Planning , Design , Construction and Maintenance of Government of Government Projects and Supervision of same if awarded on contract.
  • Coordinating and liaising with Consultants engaged by Government  for implementation of Projects in the fields of Civil, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Works as well as Public Building.
  • Furnishing of Government Offices and Quarters.
  • General environment up-keep of the State Secretariat.
  • Maintenance of Government Quarters , Plants and Equipment.
  • Construction and Maintenance of all State and Rural Roads as well as water way structures.
  • Supervision of relevant Parastatals of the state Government such as Nasarawa Transport Services.
  • Renders Technical and Professional advice to the Governing councils of the Tertiary Institutions as well as Local Government  Council , State Ministries and other Agencies of the State Government.
  • Liaises with all Federal Government Agencies in matters relating to Civil, Electrical and Building Projects being executed in the state by the Federal Government.
  • Provides Vehicle Inspection and Fire Fighting Services
  • Liaises with the State and ministerial Tenders Board as well other Government Agencies with a view to Planning , Designing, Constructing and Maintenance and /or supervising the execution of their projects.


  1. Structure of the Ministry:

In order to effectively carry out the above stated functions, the Ministry of Works and Transport which has total staff strength of 300 is structured into the following departments:

  • Administration and Supply
  • Building
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical
  • Planning, Research and Statistics
  • Finance and Accounts

3.1    In addition to above, the Ministry also supervise the activities of Nasarawa Transport Services