Women Affairs and Social Development


The Ministry essentially social service oriented,  with functions and responsibilities of policy formulation , articulation and implementation of programmes and activities geared towards the promotion of the interests and welfare of women , children, elderly, people with disabilities and vunerable generally.

The Ministry carried out the following :

  1. Promotion of women capacities to enable them contribute and participate actively in every phase of national development. This includes access and equal opportunities to health , education , political participation , economic empowerment and elimination of all forms of discrimination against women.
  2. Propagation of acceptable moral values and responsibilities related to motherhood , family life, care , protection and development of children
  • Provision of support to and collaboration with Non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) concerned with women and children issues and coordination of women groups activites in the state.
  1. Promotion of the welfare of the disable , care of the elderly and assistance to distressed and other needy persons in the state.

Structure of the Ministry

To ensure effective attainment of the mandate of the Ministry in the areas above, it has the following departments:

  1. Women Affairs
  2. Child Welfare
  • Social Welfare
  1. Administration and Supply
  2. Planning Research and Statistics
  3. Finance and Accounts

The Ministry has recorded appreciable achievement in the various areas of its activities, however it is faced with considerable challenges which include the following:

Social Welfare Department


Social welfare services are aimed at individuals , families, groups and communities, to provide capacity and the necessary skills and ability to cope with problems and stress, which arise in social relationships. In addition , it provides remedial services to needy individuals, groups and communities to assist them in the course of daily living.

The activities of the department include the following:

  1. Family Casework and Counselling Service
  2. Juvenile and Kindred Casework
  • Care of the elderly
  1. Welfare and assistance to the needy and distressed
  2. Cinematograph and Public collection Licensing

The department liaises with the Rehabilitation Board on the matters relating to the care and welfare of the physically challenged. In addition to supervises activities of the Nigerian Legion, which is the umbrella organization of ex-service personnel in the state.